Leyla Eraybar Profile

Professional Development

Leyla Eraybar is a senior business analyst at Western Union, based in Englewood, CO. Leyla joined the team at Western Union two years ago as a Compliance Analyst, where she was quickly promoted to the position of Quality Assurance Analyst.  As a Quality Assurance Analyst, Leyla led a team of contractors for the Southwest Border Project that examined Strategic account agents, for activity related to regulation including Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and adherence to the Bank secrecy Act (BSA).

In Leyla’s role as a senior business analyst, she supports three internal business teams by translating needs into concrete solutions. She also works closely with developers ensuring that all business requirements are met by IT. Though Leyla’s responsibilities have grown considerably during her time with Western Union, she continues to rise to the occasion of each new challenge thrown her way. In addition to her work with developers, Leyla coordinates SIT testing with other IT teams. In addition to serving as a system administrator, Leyla routinely performs UAT testing independently as well as in conjunction with the business. groups. Prior to beginning her professional relationship with Western Union in 2013, Leyla Eraybar had amassed a wealth of experiences in data analysis over the previous decade. Ms. Eraybar applied her natural facility with research and data analysis to a variety of settings including corporate, engineering and legal. Prior to her work with Western Union, Leyla Eraybar worked as a data analyst at Promontory Financial group in Denver.

Academic Roots

Leyla attended on academic scholarship the University of South Carolina Columbia wherein she received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Leyla’s time spent both in and out of  the classroom has led her to a deeper appreciation of Information Technology and the growing services associated within that sector. As an undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina Columbia, Ms. Eraybar dedicated most of her time to studying. However, she also managed to find time to serve as a representative on the Engineering Joint Council. Additionally, Leyla was a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Fraternity.

Leyla’s Other Passions

In addition to Leyla’s love of number crunching and translating data into practical solutions, Leyla is a foodie, and has a passion for discovering new restaurants and recipes whenever she can. Leyla Eraybar is from South Carolina. Her family travelled extensively during Leyla’s adolescence. During this time away from the comforts of home, Leyla’s father took her family to a variety of restaurants. This insistence on trying out different eateries was partly due to his own interest in the food world, but also because he wanted to expose Ms. Eraybar to sophisticated settings, introduce her to different types of cuisine, and show his daughter how to behave in upscale environments.

Ms. Eraybar enjoys keeping abreast of food trends in the Denver area and at large through researching the topic extensively, and continually trying out new restaurants. Leyla enjoys the challenge of staying up-to-date with the food scene in Denver, as well as that of finding gluten-free options.

In addition to focusing on food news and healthy eating, Leyla takes advantage of the stunning scenery of the Denver area at every chance she gets. Leyla enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering, and snow-shoeing. Philanthropy and volunteer work have always been important to Leyla Eraybar. Over the past few years, Leyla has consistently volunteered for various non-profit organizations.